Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stop Effing Yelling at Me!

I hate our new UPS lady. I get a package delivery at least once a week now that we are in the holiday season and her thing is to swing our downstairs door open, yell "UPS!!!!" and chuck packages into our stairs. Not onto, into. I got dog/cat food last week and it was fucked up, the box was super dented. Sure that could have happened in transit but I doubt it.

I get that I sometimes get crazy heavy things but part of the job of a UPS delivery person is lifting said crazy heavy things.

For reasons unknown to me, she must get bored and started putting things in front of the downstairs door. The downstairs door goes to the first floor apartment owned by my brother-in-law and he rarely uses it. I didn't know about a package my mom had sent as a gift until days after it had been sitting there because of it.

I don't even know how to complain about this. My husband also recently found a package sitting on the ground next to where he pulled in. He gets home when it is pitch black out now thanks to Daylight Saving Time and I was damn lucky he didn't smash it because it was part of something for my Reddit Secret Santa that wasn't easily replaced. That one was USPS, so I'm not quite sure if they are taking hints from new UPS lady or what.

I looked up getting a package locker so that they know where to put things but the cheapest one I found was $200, it isn't super super secure and one of the delinquents on my street could easily walk off with it. I suppose they could easily walk off with the packages too but they haven't so far.

I bet it doesn't help that my dog is pretty aggressive with the UPS people. She liked the guy from a few years ago but the one that replaced him and now this woman are not her friends. She'd never hurt them, but she runs out the dog door and barks like mad at them. From their perspective, they are out here on a weekly basis and she's being a pest, so I wonder if it is irritating for them or if they are used to it.

I know I can't tip them so I'm not quite sure how to express my gratitude that they allow me to have items delivered to my home that make my life easier, but this lady is quickly earning my ire rather than my favor.

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