Saturday, July 6, 2013

Duct Tape

Today is a very awesome day! It is Wendy's birthday!

Who is Wendy? She's the lady who created the MuTu system that I am hoping will heal my diastasis recti. My last post was about this and this morning I received an email offering a discount code for 42% off any digital system purchase.

Want to know what is all about? Click here and should you choose to purchase, the code (valid only today) is birthday42

I plan to chart my journey using the MuTu system once I start using it in a couple of weeks. I'm doing a delay as I want to really educate myself and get a feeling about what changes I need to make and slowly work myself up to them. I'm also dealing with a teething baby (just cut #5 two weeks ago and #6 the other day) plus many relatives visiting plus our combined 30th/1st birthday party and I'm lucky if I have time to go to the bathroom lately.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Recently I have found out that I have an annoying but hopefully not terribly serious issue. Since the child was extracted, my belly felt numb. I've lost a lot of weight, much of that fluid but I am now actually the smallest I've been in around four years or more. I am more active but I am not doing anything special outside of making healthier eating choices when possible which I had been doing since before my pregnancy.

My stomach isn't back to where it was but it felt hard. I had a joint issue midway through the pregnancy and then a fluid issue around the same time that got worse.

I was on Pinterest when I saw an infographic for a term I recognized. Diastasis Recti. It specifically talked about how to check for it. I repinned it and made a note to try it when I had time. The next day, my kid fell asleep for his nap and I went to the couch to lay down. Putting my hand on my stomach, I felt for the area instructed and I could easily fit three fingers in the valley above my navel. The next day, I had K feel it too. Essentially the muscles in the center of my stomach split and stayed that way. I'm petite and short waisted which are two common factors but this was my first pregnancy. Most people develop it after multiple births, but not always obviously. I also had to have my son via c-section and that can raise the risk too.

I haven't had my doctor's appointment to discuss this yet but in the meantime, I'm trying to do safe strengthening exercises and not go overboard on lifting things. One wrong move can screw up months of progress. I was an idiot on Saturday and messed up about a week's progress and have been sore since. It is an odd feeling and outside of getting a splint that probably won't do anything, my options are exercise or surgery if it gets bad enough. I'm hoping it will respond to the exercise and that will be that.

My Buffy/Angel in order viewing goes well. A lot of the Angel episodes this season I had not really watched as I was just starting college when they aired. I caught up on Buffy during the season breaks but it is pretty cool so far. For those who have watched it, I am seeing the Pylea/Holtz storylines for the first time. I knew about them but I remember seeing the episodes where Doyle was there and then seeing random episodes up until season 5. This was before the time of DVRs and torrents being common so I would rely on reruns to catch me up.

I will say I am having a good time doing this. I really enjoy the shows and it gives me something to do that I can easily walk away from if the child needs me. K will sometimes join me for episodes if he is home and since snow has decided to come back to hang, Netflix and house stuff are going to be my two big companions for the next month or so until it warms up enough to venture outside again.

My little guy just fell asleep so I'm going to try and do the same.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fawk(es) and Mindbrains

Thursdays are officially my favorite day of the week.
New Archer episodes.
New TableTop episodes.

This is me:

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mr. The Plague

Husband brought home a fun holiday bonus.
A nasty cold.
He had the first of the year off, worked a half day on the second, took the third off and I took care of him. He was gracious enough to share his bonus with me.
Fortunately the child was mostly spared thanks to the fabulous wonder that is breastmilk borne antibodies.

It hit husband as a bad cough and chest congestion. It hit me as head congestion, coughing and a sore throat. Then I started showing signs of mastitis. Guess what that can do? Give you flu like symptoms. So I had nasty cold plus "flu like symptoms" and was pretty much useless.

For those unaware, mastitis is when your boob gets infected and can happen when you breastfeed. I tried taking hot showers to coax the probable plug out but it was just not coming. The bottom half of my left boob was lobster red. It was in a weird triangle and reminded me of a downward headed Pac Man, which oddly enough is my son's nickname as he goes to latch (attach himself to my boob to eat) because he opens his mouth big and keeps it open like Pac Man.



I nursed twice in a row on that side and said screw it, third time is the charm, right? Well it was. No more Pac Man red boob. WOO.

I still had the cold though and am finally coming out from the worst of it. I had to call my son's insurance company for the nth time and it was painful. My throat hurts and I sound like I've been smoking multiple packs a day but it will get better. Fortunately the insurance issues should be sorted out within 48 hours.

If you haven't seen "The Watch", I highly recommend it. Netflix and movies were my best friends this weekend and I really wasn't expecting much. I knew Richard Ayoade was in it and I loved him from the IT Crowd but Ben Stiller tends to put me off movies since the whole "Meet the Parents" series. This movie was effing AWESOME. It is NOT a family movie. The word "cum" is in the trailer. Trust me, NOT a family movie, but worth a watch if you have a dark sense of humor. My husband was not aware of the "alien invasion" theme and he was pleasantly surprised.