Friday, October 26, 2012

Wishful Thinking

I finally thought of new things to add to my Christmas list.


EVERY time I've gotten a good one specifically for baking, it gets ruined.
K does most of the cooking in the house and I don't like to criticize but we have giant rolls of aluminum foil that he should be using.

I tried using two different cleaners on the most recent effed up sheet. We haven't even had it that long. I tried vinegar + Dawn dish soap, which worked great in my bathroom but barely touched this weird greasy black stuff that was all over the pan. I then tried hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and that did a little more. I wound up using a metal spatula and scraping it but that barely did anything. It has these grooves in the metal and after scraping about a quarter of them, I gave up. I walked out of the room to get something from my office and the pan was gone when I came back. K threw it away.

I reminded him about the aluminum foil as I cleaned up Thursday night's pot pie from my really good cookie sheet.

His mom likes to tell a story about how when our place was being remodeled and we were staying with her, I did the dishes and scrubbed one of her baking sheets. According to her, the baked on stuff is "where the flavor comes from". Ew. I'm sorry but I was not raised that way and I am not going to have greasy, nasty sheets in my cupboards.

The only other things on my Christmas list thus far are gift cards to The Container Store so that I can get the organizing setup (similar to this) for Simon's closet door so all my craft stuff isn't taking up his whole closet. The Container Store does a giant Elfa sale in January so I figure if I get gift cards, I can use those on it then.

I've been talking about getting a Mint robot but I don't know if I really want one or not. I'm scared to plunk down or be gifted an expensive thing like that only for it not to work as I'd like. I vacuum at least once a week if not more and K is starting to vacuum as well but even that isn't completely getting rid of all the pet hair.

I have maybe a half hour before the kid wakes up so I'm going to wander the internet and look at reviews of that thing for a bit.

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